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Iris Gillon is the most amazing wedding planner - you simply have to call her to see for yourself!

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Iris Gillon IGMC
Top Wedding PLanner
New York City NYC
New York NY
New Jersey NJ
Pennsylvania PA
Connecticut CT

Iris Gillon IGMC Wedding Planning



Iris Gillon was born to design and coordinate. At a very young age Iris was arranging and re-arranging everyone and everything in sight. Born with a talent and a drive very unusual for a child, Iris was inspired to put together musical groups, concerts and planning projects for herself, her family and her friends. Iris Gillon was also a natural at putting together parties in her home. Iris Gillon started planning parties and events at a very young age, from telling her mother what to do in the kitchen, to creating new and unusually designs on cookie’s and cakes, to inviting her entire school to come to her house for a party, or to one of her friend’s homes. Iris Gillon loved to serve her friends at her parties or at their parties, loved to create new food displays and more than anything loved to design the look of the room and figure out a live musical performance that would be exciting and special.

Endowed with a perfect pitch Iris could pick up a tune and play it on the piano at the age of four. Iris could sit down at the piano and improvise a song she had only heard once and she could get a small singing group with guitars organized to perform a new song very unusual at such a young age.

Iris Gillon would coordinate her musical groups to perform at small house parties and in her own home and plan and design and be very excited about each small event she was arranging. Her passion for these activities was quite apparent by the time she was 12 years old, Iris Gillon was known in her school as the one who could put together a really special event.

Iris Gillon’s father was a university professor of English and Comparative Literature and a writer and her mother was a successful architect and builder. Iris’ parents encouraged their gifted child to pursue a musical career, providing her with excellent teachers and instruments, an amazing grand piano and several guitars including a 12-string Gibson that was bigger than she was when she got it! It is because of this that all of Iris Gillon’s events, even as a teenager, always had a focus on musical performances and those musical performances would separate her parties from the rest. Iris Gillon’s events were always exciting, fun, musically creative and well beyond her years.

At the age of seven Iris put together her first singing group with a few talented friends, which entertained neighbors and school mates with performances of popular folk music of the time. At a very early age, together with her small musical groups, Iris was a great improviser and would make up songs, and sing tunes in her head, being compared by many to the young Mozart or Beethoven. Her skills on the piano were impressive and where other children her age had to practice, playing the piano came naturally to Iris Gillon. By the age of ten years old, Iris was composing original music, coordinating several musical groups, setting up performances in her home and in her friends’ homes and at school.

In renaissance times, soirees were the way concerts started and Iris Gillon was at a very early age a big promoter of the home soiree, using the party at home as a vehicle to show off new compositions, gather friends and family together for sharing of food, music and fun.

As with other renaissance music organizers and composers, Iris Gillon had a creative fire that burned in her soul. At the age of five years old, Iris was producing her own mini concerts in her home for her parents and their friends. Iris’ singing and dancing led her into activities combining drama, dance, music and anything creative. When Iris had play-dates with her friends as a small child, much of their time was spent making up dances, building singing groups and learning songs, designing clothing and making new outfits out of remnant materials, knitting, sewing, drawing and improvising. Iris Gillon was a leader of musical and creative groups of other children.
At the age of 12, Iris Gillon embarked into being a teen-ager celebrating a life of a musical-genius prodigy.  Iris lived the life of a talented pianist, composer and party organizer. Her’s was a destiny written for Iris in the stars; writing and producing music and special music events and parties. Simply, the career of a party planner started before she was even aware of her own talent. Coordinating events came as naturally as breathing to Iris. Simply, Iris was born to organize and to concertize. Iris was born to design, create, coordinate and designate.
Iris Gillon was a smart teen-ager and was blessed with a very keen mind. Iris was lucky to have a 100% photographic memory, 100% perfect pitch, and an eye that could capture every nuance of detail. Iris Gillon excelled in music, art, dance, music and event production and coordination at a very young age.
In Iris’ early teens, she studied music with Dr. MJC, Professor of music at SUNY N P, wherein she was advised, to compose and to perform her own original compositions n piano. Others learned her original compositions as well and these original works were performed at University Level before Iris was even in high school.
Iris Gillon composed many songs with her 12-string guitar including the lyrics and the music. Iris also designed the cover pages of her songs, making these beautiful hand-written musical works publisher-ready-to-go!
Iris was surrounded by nature. The mountains, private lake and the water falls inspired Iris to write, draw, dance and celebrate life in the most artistic of ways. Iris worked on her concerts, her piano performance, her dancing and her song writing every day as a teen.
Tons and tons of songs for voice and guitar were written by Iris during her high school years, as she was led by the hand of fate to bring forth melodies and tunes. These, as the years flew by, developed into symphonies, concertos, movie sound tracks and more... each one, unusually enough, topped by an unusual cover boasting a hand-drawn pictures sketched by Iris herself.
As artistic as Iris was, her art hobby didn’t officially start till the age 16 when Iris was caught doodling on the pages of some books with magic marker by her Dad.
Iris’ Dad was a literary scholar and deeply in awe of the printed word. He redirected Iris’ exploding talent away from his historic library of rare books and purchased her a box of multi-colored markers and a drawing pad and Iris proceeded to continue her doodling on these pads with the designated markers.
Iris Gillon’s first large marker drawing to emerge from this pad was an amazing picture that was so incredible that Iris' parents decided to frame it. Once on the wall, that glass covered mirror of life multiplied into another and another and another and caught by the bug of color, within a year, dozens of paintings were birthed from that home, covering wall after wall. To this day, wherever Iris lives, even in a home with thousands of square feet, the place is covered with splashes of colors from her drawings and paintings, everything in life, a palate for her creative surges.

While her parents traveled in Europe, Iris threw her sweet sixteen party at the family lake-side estate, with barbecue, dancing, swimming and sailing. Little did she suspect at the time that her talent for organizing events like this would one day, become her main profession!

Now began an earnest phase in her musical career when Iris became a student of Alexander Lipsky, one of the most renowned piano teachers in the world, he himself having studied with the famous creator of the Kalmus Serious in Europe, boasting best friends such as Issaac Stern and Izhak Pearlman.

Within a short period of time she acquired a substantial repertoire of classical music, which eventually enabled Iris to give successful performances at Carnegie Hall and at other engagements, drawing warm praise from publications as big as The New York Times, The Woodstock Times and numerous other local smaller newspapers as well.

At the age of only 18, Iris was enlisted by Commodore Computers to write a music teaching manual to help their customers use their special music learning computer called MELODIAN. This teaching manual was very successful and sold many copies via Commodore and Iris then went on to write her own speed reading music manual which she shared with many students that followed her for over two decades.

Iris Gillon started her first music production company at the age of eighteen and also teamed up with one of her music students who was a computer programmer for IBM and was twenty-two years old. They became quite good friends and when he observed her working on some of her orchestral compositions by hand, he suggested that they collaborate and try to automate the process by creating music writing software together. Iris and Roger formed a company together and spent several hundred hours creating hand crafted notes that would print perfectly on Roger’s early IBM computers. Thus formed the seeds of her first collaborative company with Roger wherein they created sheet music writing software together called SCORE WRITER that they took to IBM who ignored them and then to Microsoft who also ignored them… Alas, Iris and Roger were young and knew nothing about lawyers and copyright protection and a few years later they saw another company with SCORE-WRITER in the market using most of their designs and well… so much for their hard work…

Continuing with her new-found advanced skills in computers now attached to music, Iris became one of only five composers in New York City to become an expert user of the Historical Fairlight Computer. She was one of only five in the entire country to use this computer in combination with classical acoustic instruments and to create movie soundtracks combining advanced technology with antique instruments. Soon to emerge were some of her more successful albums which were snatched up by a small record company called Nesak International and sold countless copies all over the world. Some of these titles included in The Third Ear Music Collection published by Nesak International – YOU ARE THE SUNSHINE, YOU ARE THE RAIN, YOU ARE THE FOREST, YOU ARE THE WIND and YOU ARE CHRISTMAS. Included in these albums were excerpts from her Piano Concerto, her Cello Concerto, her double trumpet Concerto and several symphonies. Also included in these soundtracks were several scenes from the movie that Iris scored for the movie FAST FOOD which was distributed on TV stations around the world for many years.

During her twenties, Iris composed the music for numerous NYU Student short films and several others including the full length feature film created by her father called THE BET, published and released by Conrad Film Corporation.

The New York Film Orchestrawas the first symphony orchestra which actually housed a synthesizer section within the orchestra, with three pianists performing live on a combination of the most modern equipment with the oldest violins in creation.

When the Fairlight Computer was released in the U.S., and Iris Gillon became one of the first composer-programmers and experts on that machine in the country. She was also one of the first to combine writing orchestral movie soundtrack scores, combining live musicians, a symphonic orchestra and computer-generated musical tracks that were programmed and performed in conjunction with the visual elements. This fascinating work landed Iris Gillon a full page article written about her in the exclusive Business Week Magazine. Iris Gillon was one of a thousand women in business featured in that magazine at that time! 

Iris Gillon was then featured in a full-page article in the Funk and Wagnals Encyclopedia as a Music Technology Specialist, alongside with Robert Moog, Stevie Wonder and the Juilliard School of Music.

iris gillon igmc


Iris Gillon attended Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford as a Composition Fellow. At Hartt School of Music, Iris developed a passion for Philosophy, Comparative Religion and did some part time tutoring and paper-writing assistance as she dived deeper and deeper into her music studies.

After one year at Hart School of Music, Iris was invited to Sarah Lawrence College and accepted a unique study program that allowed her famous Piano and Music Teacher Alexander Lipsky to be intimately involved with her music studies. 

Iris Gillon’s concerts and advanced studies at Sarah Lawrence landed her an invitation to study even more piano performance in Israel with the world re-known piano teacher Enrique Barenboim (father to the Conductor/Pianist Daniel Barenboim) and during this time in Israel, Iris transferred to a unique private study college that allowed Iris to create her own college curriculum with her studies abroad and she graduated from Empire State College which included her special studies of music from around the world. 

Iris accepted an invitation to study at The Juilliard School Of Music and follow to graduate with a Master’s Degree in Piano Performance. The Faculty Jury at the School declared that Iris Gillon was "unusually talented and brilliant."

Iris Gillon’s Master Degree shines on the wall of her office alongside several hundred plaques including testimonial letters from happy IGMC customers, famous artists commending Iris’ musical production and composition skills and more. It is really quite an amazing gallery of accomplishments.

Barely graduated from The Juilliard School of Music, Iris continued on with her composition and performing until she created her own symphony orchestra called the New York Film Orchestra. This led to the recording of several of her concertos and symphonies and movie soundtracks.

Many of the musicians that were in this first symphony orchestra created by Iris Gillon still work through her company Iris Gillon Music’n Celebrations, IGMC performing classical concerts, gala openings and wedding ceremonies.



Having discovered her power to lead musicians when she first coordinated her orchestral ensemble, Iris also became quite adept as a recording engineer and orchestral conductor.

During her first orchestral compositions Iris sat in the engineer's chair, helping to mix and record her orchestral works with the use of the first SSL (computer-controlled mixing board) studio in the country.

A decade in New York City living as a music teacher, composer and performer, composing more and more music for all sorts of small ensembles and small orchestras, Iris was a member of ASCAP and was receiving royalties from her movie soundtracks and orchestral performances of her works as they were performed all over the United States, Europe, South America, Canada and Australia.

In 1989 when IGMC first took root and more and more musicians came to Iris for work and at the same time, more and more people heard of the quality events and musical groups that were emanating from this young lady’s magical touch, the dynamic hands of destiny led Iris into a whirlwind of parties, galas, events corporate product launches and more. With Iris at the Helm, IGMC (Iris Gillon Music’n Celebrations LLC) produced hundreds of parties, weddings and events every single year luring Iris further and further away from her past of music writing and performing and leading her deeper and deeper into the realm of the NYC Party and Events Industry.

Now in 2010, Iris Gillon is the absolute leader in quality event production, events music production, wedding and event planning in the entire Tri-State Area. With over one hundred million dollars of events having passed through IGMC’s doors in one way or another and with Iris having touched over fifty million dollars worth of catered events and over twenty five million dollars of musical performances, there is no doubt, that Iris Gillon is the top event planner and events music producer on the East Coast of the United States.


Iris Gillon TV Appearances

Iris Gillon has appeared on Donald Trump's Apprentice as a Top Wedding Planner helping the winning team to win their wedding gown sales competition by bringing a ton of brides to the store and they all bought gowns, hence that team won! Iris Gillon has appeared as star wedding planner on WE TV Platinum Weddings with Maxie and Kevin's wedding. You can see the entire show posted at on IGMC on TV.






Iris Gillon founder of IGMC, former concert pianist, earned a Master's Degree in Piano Performance and Composition at the Julliard School of Music. As the most popular and well known Event Producer and Manager of Musical Groups, Iris Gillon with her Company IGMC produces some of the most amazing events in and around Manhattan and New Jersey. Click on above link to see some amazing party and dance bands and to learn more about Iris Gillon and IGMC. Iris Gillon IGMC Iris Gillon is known as The Best Wedding Planner in NYC. Iris Gillon helps Brides and Grooms and Corporate Event Planners to find the perfect location or catering venue in and around New York City. To see hundreds of pictures and slide shows of the top events and catering facilities in and around New York City and Northern New Jersey visit and see the IGMC photo gallery featuring several thousand pictures of great party facilities. See pictures of several hundred facilities and shop in the comfort of your home with a guided tour over the phone with your private tour guide Iris Gillon. And.... did we mention? There is NO CHARGE for this service! Yes! Absolutely FREE! For More information about Iris Gillon IGMC and our FREE HELP for finding you the right location for your eventsimply CONTACT US and ask for Iris Gillon! WEDDING & EVENT PLANNER Iris Gillon has been involved with some aspect of over 100 Millon Dollars in Caterered Special Events! From: Corporate Events, Launches, Political Fundraisers, Movie Wraps, Weddings Bar and Bat Mizvahs and more! Iris Gillon has presided over millions of dollars of flower arrangements, lighting and theme designs and she has supervised photography, filming, production of events and products, websites, book covers and more. Iris Gillon is the top wedding and event planner in the entire United States, having participated in over 100 million dollars of weddings and corporate special events galas. Iris Gillon is know for her fabulous parties, elegant galas, celebrations, political fundraisers, anniversaries, product launches, PR events, special events of all kinds and more. Weddings Weddings and more Weddings. Iris Gillon produces the music for weddings and manages and produces 28 top party and dance bands. For wedding planning, for weddings of any ethnic background, for Jewish Weddings, for Russian Weddings, for Indian Weddings for Chinese Weddings, for Greek Weddings, for Itallian Weddings, for European Weddings, for Destination Weddings, for any type of unusual, unique or specially luxurious elegant wedding, or for any ethnic wedding including Arabic, middle eastern or from any part of the world, Iris Gillon is the Wedding and Event Planner to Choose. Wedding Planning, Wedding Consulting, Wedding Coordination, Wedding Coordinator, Wedding Planner, Wedding Manager, Wedding Producer, you name it, Iris Gillon wears all of these hats! Planning Weddings in New York City New York NYC NY New Jersey NJ Connecticut Ct Pennsylvania PA and more, Iris Gillon will also travel around the world to help you plan your event. Having planned events at all the top luxury hotels in New York City like the Pierre Hotel, The St. Regis Hotel, The New York Palace Hotel, The Waldorf Astoria Hotel, The Plaza Hotel, The Mandarin Oriental, Cipriani's, The Rainbow Room, Abigail Kirsches Pier 60 and The Lighthouse, Tappan Hill and Stage 6, Bridgewaters, The St Moritz, The Essex House Hotel, Tavern on the Green, The Private Clubs - The University Club, The Harvard Club, The Yale Club, The Harmonie Club, The Metropolitan Club The Penn Club, The New York Yacht Club and more... Iris Gillon IGMC planning weddings for The Rockleigh Country Club, The Pleasantdale Chateau, The Crystal Palace, The Venetian, The Palace in Sommerset all of those in New Jersey.

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