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Iris Gillon is the most amazing wedding planner - you simply have to call her to see for yourself!

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Iris Gillon IGMC
Top Wedding PLanner
New York City NYC
New York NY
New Jersey NJ
Pennsylvania PA
Connecticut CT



Iris Gillon of IGMC is an expert at handling every aspect of complete wedding planning and event production. Iris Gillon is also an expert at design of all kinds of events from the earliest stages to completion. Iris Gillon, or an IGMC consultant can help you create and manifest a concept of wedding and event magic specifically directed by YOU! 

We are here to meet a few or all of your party, wedding and special events needs. From the selection of the location, the gown, the lighting, flowers, band, musical entertainment of all kinds, photography, video, travel, hotel arrangements, and more... you name it, Iris Gillon and IGMC can handle it, and take the work out of your party and put the fun back in your day; for YOU!

Iris Gillon or an IGMC consultant can save you time and get you the best value to be found for your budget in New York City or New Jersey. Iris Gillon and IGMC can give you important information and teach you how to be a wedding expert and how to look out for hidden pit-falls in contracts, vendors and more. Iris Gillon and IGMC can help you to be an authority on wedding products and services. Iris Gillon and IGMC are your insurance of quality. Iris Gillon and IGMC can also to be there for you to insure that your special day flows smoothly.

IGMC consulting sessions can be done over the phone, in our office, through e-mail or via faxing. Iris Gillon and IGMC have the largest library of quality event sites to be found in New York City or New Jersey and for 100% free, NO COST TO YOU, NO FEES, NO HIDDEN COSTS, NO INFLATED CHARGES, (none of that!) one of us can walk you through and give you a personalized tour of the best facilities to be found. For the busy executive bride, Iris Gillon or an IGMC consultant can meet you late at night on the phone or at your convenience to plan your wedding during off-peak hours, when you are home from work, relaxed, and can finally take some time to plan your wedding.

Iris Gillon and IGMC consultants know every inch of New York City, exploring museums, mansions, restaurants, luxury hotels, penthouses, libraries, historical landmarks, lofts, boats and more. Iris Gillon and GMC offer totally FREE event site selection help at all times and assistance in negotiations as a bonus as well. Iris Gillon’s long-term friendships and relationships with the local business owners and managers can serve as a huge advantage in the success and pricing of your event. There are no hidden charges for this service, no increased pricing, no fees, nothing hidden, simply this service is 100% free to the event-site shopper. What is the "catch?" Answer: In giving something of value away, we tremendously increase the traffic for our main business which is promoting live entertainment, lighting design and the very best talent that the United States of America has to offer the world. 







Iris Gillon is the top wedding and event planner in the entire United States, having participated in over 100 million dollars of weddings and corporate special events galas. Iris Gillon is know for her fabulous parties, elegant galas, celebrations, political fundraisers, anniversaries, product launches, PR events, special events of all kinds and more. Weddings Weddings and more Weddings. Iris Gillon produces the music for weddings and manages and produces 28 top party and dance bands. For wedding planning, for weddings of any ethnic background, for Jewish Weddings, for Russian Weddings, for Indian Weddings for Chinese Weddings, for Greek Weddings, for Itallian Weddings, for European Weddings, for Destination Weddings, for any type of unusual, unique or specially luxurious elegant wedding, or for any ethnic wedding including Arabic, middle eastern or from any part of the world, Iris Gillon is the Wedding and Event Planner to Choose. Wedding Planning, Wedding Consulting, Wedding Coordination, Wedding Coordinator, Wedding Planner, Wedding Manager, Wedding Producer, you name it, Iris Gillon wears all of these hats!  Planning Weddings in New York City New York NYC NY New Jersey NJ Connecticut Ct Pennsylvania PA and more, Iris Gillon will also travel around the world to help you plan your event. Having planned events at all the top luxury hotels in New York City like the Pierre Hotel, The St. Regis Hotel, The New York Palace Hotel, The Waldorf Astoria Hotel, The Plaza Hotel, The Mandarin Oriental, Cipriani's, The Rainbow Room, Abigail Kirsches Pier 60 and The Lighthouse, Tappan Hill and Stage 6, Bridgewaters, The St Moritz, The Essex House Hotel, Tavern on the Green, The Private Clubs - The University Club, The Harvard Club, The Yale Club, The Harmonie Club, The Metropolitan Club The Penn Club, The New York Yacht Club and more... Iris Gillon IGMC planning weddings for The Rockleigh Country Club, The Pleasantdale Chateau, The Crystal Palace, The Venetian, The Palace in Sommerset all of those in New Jersey.

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